White Emperor Family

Warren’s new breeding pairs for 2021

White Mirage Sire White Knight, Dam Emporium Queen fantastic green eye. Ref A


Emporium Queen, Old Ref A – fantastic violet eyes.

Daughter of Arabian Knight (sold Qatar) x Secret Lady. Dam Gdam of many prizewinners.

Empire Lad son of the White Admiral Dam Emporium Queen Super violet eye

White Ruby Sire Red Bisscock Dam Emporium Queen FutureNo 1 stock hen

White Swallow Sire son of Poma Dam Nestmate to Avril 20 x 1st

White Diamond Super young hen bred from all my old Emperor lines

White Coast

Rumpy Pumpy Sire Brion 3 x 1st Fed Dam Emporium Queen. Nestmate Red Rumpy flew well in Derby Arona 213

White Swift Daughter of White Swallow and Total Perfection, Bred for stock

Little White Cock

The Little White Cock. Sire White Swallow, Dam Total Perfection

White Star

White Star. Bred for stock. top handling Hen old White Emperor stock

Breeding News

We have recently purchased two direct Jos Thone stock cocks. These were paired to all our best breed White Emperor stock hens in 2020. See photos of King Thone and White Swallow below.

Foster’s pure White Emperor pigeon family,  cultivated for nearly 40 years and as popular as ever. Certainly a pleasure to own. An all-round good cross.

Below are my six best cocks, most with white eyes (left) and my six best hens (right).

The White Legend, son of Arabian Night. My No 1 breeding cock.

White Admiral now in the Middle East

Reference and key pigeons that created the formation of this world famous family

Old Reference A

White Emperor, 78F37625. A magnificent cock. He is responsible for many 1st prizewinners in my loft alone. His bloodlines have gone on to win Club, Federation, Amalgamation and Open race winners in the UK and overseas. White Emperor’s bloodlines (he is now deceased) will go on for many years to come. Many big offers were refused for this ace pigeon. Sire Champion Rapido BeIg70-320114 (deceased).

Dam Destiny, 8e1g76-3469184, daughter of Tiran x daughter of the Little Black x Ladybird. White Emperor is a brother to many other Champion breeders. He is the sire of probably the best stock hen I have ever owned – the Broken Wing Hen.

Old Reference B

Northern Light, 96DM3403. Champion of champions. One of the best Busschaerts in the UK. He is a sire and grandsire of winners around the UK and overseas. He has also won 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st Combine Bourges, only bird home on the day in Combine 544 miles. Also 1st Retford, 1st Grantham, 1st Retford, 1st Grantham, 1st Ffatford, 1st Grantham, 1st Retford, 1st Lillers, 1st Lillers, 1st Lillers, 1st Abbeville, 1st Bourges, 1st Abbeville, 3rd Fed 8,000 birds, 1st Clermont, plus many more 2nds, 3rds and 4ths. Sire 84DM2697, nestmate to the Bitch. Dam 80Y3314. Bloodlines of the famous Pee, Petra, Pluto, Broken Toe.

Old Reference C

Pied Prince, 90J54504. Top racer and breeder. Superb violet eye. He has won 9 x 1st prizes including 1st Open 5,370 birds. Also 3rd Open 3,250 birds, Other 1sts include 1st Lyndhurst, 1st Lyndhurst, 1st Seaton, 1st Kent Valley Fed, 1st Mid Kent, 1st Chilgrove. 1st Sedion, 1st Open, 1st Exmouth; 3rd Section, 3rd Open, 2nd Wadebridge, 8th Fed, 14th Kent Combine. He is also sire of my top racer Valley View Jet, 1st Club, 1st Fed, 4th LNRC Stonehaven 6,000 birds. Sire 86-31352, top stock bird. Danl 86-31362. The Pied Prince blood crossed back with the White Emperor and Northern Light lines produce phenomenal results.
Pied Prince is also grandsire in three seasons of 5th, 10th, 11th Open National Flying Club, 1st Kent Specialist Club Guernsey and 1st and 2nd Kent Combine 2000. His direct children and grandchildren are proving to be fantastic breeders.

White Emperor – old Ref A, son of Rapido, sire and grandsire of winners

The Blind Cock with the daughter of Arabian Nights

Stony King, paired to a daughter of Pied Prince (now in the Middle East)