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Warren’s new breeding pairs for 2021

Village Lad Janssen
Klak Koopman Klein Dirk Family


Larson checker cock. One of my best breeding cocks.

Last son Mr Determination, 1st Fed Thurso, 2nd LNRC, see photo below

Valley Princess

Valley Princess, checker hen. Sire 3 x 1st Fed

Royal Prince

Royal Prince, checker cock. G/son of Village Lad.

Sire Royal Lad, Dam Blue Star

Meggy May

Meggy May, blue hen.

Sire ace stock cock, Dam Champion Meg, 1st Combine 23,000 birds

Little Dirk

Little Dirk, unrung blue ring blue cock.

Inbred Klein Dirk cock, fantastic specimen

Miss Farrah

Miss Farrah, blue hen. Dam of 2nd UK Open Derby Arona Tenerife 2017

Sire won 3 x 1st Fed, G/daughter of Peanut 10 x 1st

The Blue Frill Cock

The Blue Frill Cock. Inbred G/son of Village Lad

Princess Rennie

Princess Ronnie, Blue hen.

Sire 1st Open 22,000 birds, Dam bred direct from NIPA winners.

Dam/Gdam of many top birds incl 1st UK 4th Open Sputh Africa 4,000 birds

Typical Young Village Lad Janssen
Klak Koopman Klein Dirk Family

The Village Lad X Janssen Klak X Koopman champion Village Lad 2Xfirst combine 26,000 birds

All 2020 bred young birds are completely sold out. We are now taking orders for mature 2021 summer-bred young birds ready for dispatch anywhere in the world in September/October 2021. £100 deposit secures your bird.

This Janssen based family are some of the fastest pigeons I have ever owned, winning regularly with huge birdages. This family are world renowned and sell out very quickly.

Below left are my old original Janssen stock cocks, including Samson – Klak 546-Klak 216 sons of Klak 641 and a young Mr Perfect. Below right is Ref A, Witoger Klak 614. Grand Sire of champion Village Lad 1st Combine 26,000 birds

Judge Jewels with a daughter of Samson

Determination.1st ed Thurso, 2nd LNRC – 512 miles. Sire of Larson, see photo above

Valley View Joker: 1st Club, 1st Federation, 2nd London North Combine, 1st Morpeth Young Birds – 6,000 plus birds

Eye of Valley View Joker

Reference and five key pigeons to form this ultra successful Dutch Janssen based family

Reference 1

Samson Blue Chequer Cock NL 94 1114770Bred by Pouw Bros. Ace specimen and admired by many fanciers. He is a credit to its breeder. Superb white-eyed cock. A dream pigeon. He is Sire, Grandsire and great great Grandsire of Federation and Combine winners around the UK, including twice 1st Up North Combine up to 25,000 birds. His Breeding is invaluable. His Sire is the Geschelpte Stier the Sire of De Flits, De Stier, De Sprinter and the Jonge Flits – all big winners for the Pouw Bros. The Dam of the 770 is the no.l hen the Dochter Malie Geeloger 81. Direct dam of De Vechter, Het Raketje and a host of others. Samson is full brother to the following: 1st 5,651 birds, 1st 5,806 birds, 1st 14,525 birds, 1st 8,145 birds, 1st 7,370 birds, 1st 15,029 birds, 1st 2,079 birds, 1st 1,052 birds, 1st 2,102 birds, 1st 1,408 birds, 1st 1728 birds.

Reference 2

The Parsons Hen Blue Chequer Hen GB 94 V 93655 Bred by DH Parsons. Absolute top rate hen – Dam, Granddam and Great Granddam of pigeons to win up to National Flying Club level, including in 2000 2nd Up North Combine, also one Granddam of one young hen in 2000 to be a group of 6 to win the Kent Combine from Exeter and the following week first into Kent 2nd Section and top 20 London and SE Classic Club. She is also Granddam to 10th Open NFC YB National in 1997 and 11th Open NFC National in 1998. She is a direct daughter of Chase the Ace, 9 x lsts including 1st Open Catteralls Championship Nantes. Chase the Ace is a grandson of Wonderboy 05. Dam of the Parsons Hen is Hello Gorgeous 1st FH Sartilly and herself a grandaughter of the Golden 007 hen. The Parsons Hen is Dam of the Odd Eyed Hen my o1d no1 stock hen and the Dam of two of my top Klak Janssen racers Rocky 1 and Rocky 2 who both dropped together to win first and second Kent Federation, 2nd and 3rd Kent Combine (losing Combine by decimal point). The Parsons Hen’s genes seem to carry on generation after generation.

Reference 3

Delilah Blue Chequer Hen NL 94 2768209 Bred by Pouw Bros. Ace breeding hen. Dam, Granddam and Great Granddam of Federation and Combine winners. She is also the mother of ace breeding Hen – the Big Hen. Dam of countless Winners, including one of the greatest middle distance birds ever in the UK – Champion Village Lad – twice 1st Up North Combine with up to 26,000 birds competing – 2 years in succession. Delilah is full sister to the following pigeons results : 1st 5602 birds, 1st 5806 birds, 1st 14,525 birds. Delilah is from Belg 86 6702377 x Belg 93 6440414 – direct Janssens.

Samson, the number one cock of my Janssen family. Sire, grand sire and great grand sire of Federation and Combine winners. Up to 26,000 birds in all.

Sampson is the grandsire of the dam of Village Lad, a prolific breeding hen. See Racing Pigeon Pictorial issue 465 page for the eye photo of this world class hen, bred here at Bluewater Breeding Lofts. Village Lad is believed to be the only bird to win the Up North Combine twice in succession – up to 26,000 birds competing.

Old No1 stock hen, (recently deceased) dam and granddam of Federation winners, including 2nd Up North Combine. Her bloodlines run through many of my best birds. We have a half brother and sister pairing. (price on application)

2nd Open Millenium National Nantes – open to the whole of the UK

Reference 4

The Klak 216 Blue Cock NL 90 9095216 Ace breeding cock. Grandsire of Champion Village Lad – twice 1st Up North Combine: 25,000 And 26,000 birds competing. One of the greatest middle distance cocks ever in the UK. Sire NL 88 8873641 direct Borgman from NL 84 8442528 x NL 84 842520. Dam of Klak 216 Pet. Gijbels from direct DeKKlaks. Klak 216 has also won the following :1st 486 birds, 20th 3330 birds, 4th 705 birds, 11th 3872 birds, 25th 3499 birds, 20th 3303 birds. KIA 216 died at Bluewater in 2005.

Reference 5

Oude Klak Doffer 546 Blue Chequer Cock NL 89 1776546 Bred by Borgman Bros. Ace breeding cock. Sire, Grandsire And great Grandsire of Club, Federation and Combine winners, including 2nd Up North Combine 2000 season. My old reference A cock tand is Sire of Rocky I And Rocky II. Two nest mates that dropped together to take 1st and 2nd Federation, 2nd And 31 Kent Combine – losing Combine by a decimal point. Nearly every bird bred from him either wins or breeds winners. A once in a lifetime pigeon. Klak 546 bred from 82 1324938 Hevige Klak x NL 85 8558565 Veld Duif.

Reference 6

Royal Lad 03 TN 1143 Direct son of the world famous champion Village Lad. 99 TN 4731 1st 28,000 birds, 1st 23,000 birds, 69th 27,000 birds. From 98 TN 9206 x bred by Warren Foster from granddaughter of Samson.
Royal Lad a fantastic specimen medium to large a superb violet eye.

12 times first , 3 times first Federation in field of up to 4,000 birds

Royal Lad, top reference bird. Direct son of Village Lad, twice !st Combine 26,000 birds


I am releasing mature summer-bred young birds from all my main breeding families from September/October.