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Amazing performance by Wild Eyes in Gran Canaria One Loft Race

Warren’s Black Buschaert scores 6 x 1st UK,  2 x 2nd UK, 2 x 1st Open, 2 x 2nd Open, 3 x 3rd Open in first  12 races.

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Warren’s One Loft Breeding Section

White Hound, white PD cock

56th Open Final Race (Alnwick) RPRA One Loft Race 2016

Princess Rennie

Princess Ronnie

Blue hen. Sire first Open 22,000 birds.

Dam bred direct from NIPA winners: dam/gdam of many top birds including 1st UK in 5th Open South Africa OLR 4,000 birds

Atlantic Secret

Full brother to Achilles,

Derby Arona winner 10,000 euros

Will be paired to Welsh Queen

Welsh Queen

Chequer Hen. First Hot Spot 4 in the 2016 semi-final race of the RPRA One Loft Race She will be paired with my best inbred Village Lad cocks

Warren’s birds showed well in 2014 races

White Star, sister to Remember Me, placed well in Tenerife Open One Loft training race

6th Open, Olympic Star sent as a baby

White Star, one of Warren’s famous family of white racing pigeons, showed well in the early training races at Derby Arona Tenerife 2014, coming 25th in race 7. Stablemate Olympic Star’s earned the Diploma of Merit for placing in the car race. 

This follows Remember Me, a top Gay Mealy PD, winning 12th training race for the Derby Arona Tenerife International last year, in competition with over 1500 birds from around the world. The video above shows the 2013 race.

Derby Arona is one of the biggest and best-known One Loft races, self styled the hardest race in the world because it covers over 120km over the Atlantic Ocean. 

Watch this page for further news of all our birds, or check out the Derby Arona site at

Remember Me pigeon

How Remember Me was named

Warren tells a strange story

Whilst on holiday in Tenerife last November I decided to visit the famous one loft race in Arona, reputed to be one of the best and hardest one loft races in the world, with very changeable weather conditions and strong prevailing winds and rough terrain.

I had entered five pigeons a few months earlier and eagerly looked forward to seeing the set up and meeting the owner and organiser, Jose Ledesma.

After organising a taxi, we made our way to Guaza, Arona. Approaching the premises we noticed hundreds of pigeons in many batches spread across the sky. A truly spectacular sight to say the least. I remember thinking “is this the future of racing pigeons?” after knocking at the gate, where no doubt many fanciers from all around the world have arrived with more visiting nearly every day.

On entering we were warmly welcomed by Jose and Gladys, his wife. Also Fred McCluskey was introduced to us, who was also visiting at the time and who is a big supporter of the race over many years. This was the first time I had met Fred and it was a pleasure to talk to him about the races and pigeons in general.

Strangely enough during our conversation, a gay red pied decided to walk over to where we were standing and look up at us. I don’t forget a pigeon’s face and after some banter and humour I mentioned this was one of my pigeons that I had entered for the race. AII the pigeons rose to the sky once again and sure enough she returned again to see us and come over to say hello.

Fred found it, as I did myself, difficult to believe this was my bird! Fred also said what a good story it would be if the bird went on to win races. With my camera in hand I photographed her. on the way back to the hotel, feeling very pleased with my visit, I decided to call her “Remember Me” and emailed Jose with this name. So it was certainly very exciting to receive a text on 29 January a few minutes after she was clocked in Race 12 – Remember Me was 1st open. I believe she is the only British winner from this series of races.

A special thank you to Gary Rump, Bexleyheath, who is my new one loft partner and encouraged me to participate in these races.

Warren with Gary Rump

Warren with Gary Rump and wife Debbie

White Swallow, reference A, sire of Remember Me. Also sire of 1st UK 4th Open, half sister to Remember Me

A young Remember Me sent as a baby