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The White Emperor Story

Warren with one of his White Emperor pigeons

This story begins in 1980 when I was 21 years old and was offered a job by the late Colin Osman to work at The RP Publishing Co, at the famous 19th Doughty St, London WC1. After not thinking about too much else other than racing pigeons and sitting in my pigeon loft for many hours observing my feathered friends and turning down chances to become a professional footballer, unfortunately football coincided with racing on Saturday afternoons! I thought this may be the best place for me at the time. There was certainly some very interesting knowledgeable pigeon fanciers working there including Michael Shepherd, Colin Nicholson, Ron Bissett and Colin Osman’s son Rick, and Jack Dixon of Camden Town.

If my memory serves me right Jack was a previous winner of the Tommy Long Trophy.

< Warren holding one of his Tenerife entrants at the Derby Arona.

Brains, Beauty, Speed, Endurance

I visited Jack on a couple of occasions, handling his wonderful pigeons and learnt a lot from him, mainly keeping pigeons naturally and keeping management simple. After just a few months working there I noticed that the top Manchester flyer Ken Aldred was having an entire clean sale, which I presumed would make some very high prices the following week at auction. In the same magazine there was a very small advert stating there was a son of Rapido for sale. I have still retained this issue to this day.

Pigeon sale ad

Sale ad

As I could not afford to purchase this pigeon at the time, the manager at The RP said that if I wanted him to, he would give me the money and deduct it from 

my wages over the next few months. Highly delighted I sent off for him. On opening thecarrier box I was surprised to notice he was nearly pure white with a slight black mark on his back. To this day I remember him looking up at me, very relieved to get out of his box, and noticed his intelligence and tameness straight away. The name White Emperor came into my head.

Whilst he had bred a number of top racing sons up to Fed and Open level, strangely it was two or three years later that I noticed his daughters were now becoming exceptional breeders. One in particular became my old No 1 stock hen, a black pied known as the Broken Wing Hen. which bred winners from every race point from 80-512 miles for myself and other fanciers as far away as Japan. Her bloodlines still run through my loft to this present day.

The 91-93 breeding and racing seasons had a big

impact on this family of  birds. Some top performances were now happening. Six individual breeding pens were constructed to house six of the best stock pairs l could wish to install.

These included Northern Light, 14 first prizes, 1st Combine, 530 miles, 3,600 birds (only bird home on the day in the Combine); Boeyeken Express, 1st Combine, 13,000 birds, Champion Topper, 1st Open, 3,000 birds (son of White Emperor); The Admiral, twice 1st Amal; Dark King, 1st Open, 4,000 birds; Blue Queen, 1st Combine; King Aldred, ace stock cock, sire of over 20 winners and three Combine winners. These in turn were paired back to direct children of White Emperor and my No 1 stock hen, the Broken Wing Hen (daughter of White Emperor).

We have also introduced over the last couple of years direct birds from the one of the best Belgian long distance lofts: Nouwen-Paesen and Jelle Jellena which are crossing well with my long distance grizzle family.

My present family…

…of pigeons are now mainly bred around six fantastic stock birds and contain the bloodlines of the following – The White Emperor, The Pied Prince 9xlst, 3xlst Feds. Royal Lad son of Village Lad 2x1st Combines 26,000 birds. Two very recent introductions have already made a big impact, two white cocks, these are Belg 08.0580224 and White Swallow both bred by the world famous Jos Thone, The dam of Swallow being nest mate to Avril, King Thone Belg 06.5150223 bred by Jos Thone. grandson of the world famous Sars. These in turn have been paired back to my inbred Emperor hens, and have already produced further winning birds, including 1st Tenerife One Loft Race (Race 12) with Remember Me and more recently Dark Eyes amazing performance at the Gran Canaria One Loft Race

My holding facility is fully DEFRA approved: ref no RH29/04/004