The Little White Emperor

Second edition now available

Little did young Joey know when he picked up a baby pigeon that had fallen from its nest that he was about to embark on a magical voyage.

For this was no ordinary pigeon. The Little White Emperor would save Joey’s life. His mystical powers would lead Joey into a world of fantasy and adventure.

The author writes

“I was first inspired to write a children’s book after keeping racing pigeons for nearly 40 years and I was surprised that very few, if any, books of this type are available. 

My father raced pigeons and as an 8 year old boy, I wasn’t particularly interested in the hobby. Then one day I saw a photo of a pigeon which had won the Pau National in 1967. It was a beautiful white bird called Snow White Willie and this was the seed that started my passion to this day.

We are constantly reading that pigeon racing is a dying sport- so we now need to plant the seed for children at primary school level. My vision is that if children read the Little White Emperor today, it will inspire them to get involved in a fascinating hobby – as it did for me. In the future The Little White Emperor will be followed by a series of books that will follow Joey, the book’s character, into his teenage years.

If you buy this book for your children or grandchildren, let them take it to school once it has been read. If there is an interest at the school I will be happy, time allowing, to go to the school to release a white pigeon. The children can see The Little White Emperor in flight for themselves.”

A wonderful book for your child or grandchild, at only £4.99 plus £1.00 postage and packing (UK only). Or buy 2 books for only £9.00, plus £1.50 p and p. Who knows – perhaps it will spark an interest in owning pigeons.

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Visitor from Spain with a copy of the Little White Emperor