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 Amazing performance by Warren’s entry in Gran Canaria One Loft Race

Wild Eyes scores 6 x 1st UK, 2 x 2nd UK, 2 x 1st Open. 2 x 2nd Open, 3 x 3rd Open in first 12 races.

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Owing to domestic circumstances, we have decided to reduce our stock pairs by half. Please contact me at or ring on 07899096845 for further information.

Our next sale of current birds is held on this site TODAY

I have kept pigeons for over 50 years, where my standards in every single breeding aspect have improved immensely year on year, and my passion for my little feathered friends has increased ever since I began. The last few breeding seasons have been truly fantastic, having birds win all over the world, especially in the Middle East and South Africa, with pigeon fanciers from over 70 countries visiting the site each month.

My birds are normally only advertised once a year in British Homing World and within a couple of days of the advertisement appearing every bird listed is sold. I don’t use other fancier’s names or results to promote or sell my birds, however, fanciers who do purchase birds from me return year after year to obtain more stock – a huge recommendation in itself.

What I do guarantee is that every bird sent out from these lofts is examined and selected by myself and will be of the highest quality. A small deposit secures a selected match pair for breeding. Pairs will be ready in September 2017 so book now to save disappointment.

Please read the terms and conditions of sale shown on our shop page. In placing a deposit you will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

Wishing all fanciers around the world a very successful racing pigeon season.

Yours in sport,
Warren Foster

PS. An approximate guide to exporting 12 young birds to most parts of the world is £1,500–£2,500. This includes all exporting certificates and approved exporting crate. For more information feel free to contact us for more information.


I am releasing mature young birds from all my main breeding families from 16 September.

See BHW and Squills 2018 for more details.

A Passion for Pigeons

I was recently presented with a plaque by the Qatari Association of Homing Pigeon during a visit to Doha. For details of my trip, go to the ‘Gulf News’ section of the site.

Pigeon fanciers from overseas regularly visit my lofts in Greenhithe, Kent. Visitors from China, Eastern Europe, Middle East, USA and Germany have already been to see my pigeons. Here are just a couple shown below.